يوم جديد – أعمال Vamos Todos

يوم جديد – أعمال Vamos Todos مع رئيس جمعية Vamos Todos مارك عون Vamos Todos is an ecotourism lebanese NGO that offers a wide variety of activities in order to promote and encourage the love of nature amongst its members, thus seeing life through a new perspective. During our interview, we first talked about the sticky black substance that spread to the southern coast of Lebanon, after leaking from an oil tanker off the occupied land. Our beach got contaminated dangerously from Naqoura to the City of Tyre and laterly to Ramle El Bayda. Since we are working on Tyre Coast region under the project of "Bahr Bala Plastic", we are going on Wednesday, March 10 and Saturday, March 13 to clean-up the Coast of Tyre. All volunteers are welcome to join us for this event, and can register with us for this cause. Our project for Tyre Coast is under the Lebanese civil society combating for a plastic-free Mediterranean sea, that was awarded in a call for proposals launched by “Bahr Bala Plastic” project, funded by the European Union Commission and implemented by the Lebanese Environment Forum and Lebanon Eco Movement. We talked as well about some of our past events like last saturday snowshoeing event in the beautiful white region of Laqlouq. We talked about future snowshoeing events in Arz Hadath El Jebbeh, Arz Bcharre and Qanat Bakich. We mentionned other upcoming events in the regions of Douma, Al Bireh – Chouf and Jurd El Qobayat Andket with the corresponding photos. We ended up our interview by referring about the importance of taking all the needed measures of security againt the Corona Virus during our events. For more info you can check our website: #يوم_جديد
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