يوم جديد – ارتفاع السكري بسبب قلة الحركة في فترة الحجر

يوم جديد – ارتفاع السكري بسبب قلة الحركة في فترة الحجر موضوع اللقاء مع د. حنينا ابي نادر – اخصائي طب عام ووقاية Diabetes and Corona A recent study showed that mortality due to Covid is increased from 2.7 to 7.8% in patient with diabetes. Although the pathophysiology is not fully clear, increase in inflammation and effect on coagulation marker are involved. Diabetes (randomly taken above 200 or morning fasting above 126) is due to insulin resistance (genomic and environmental) and usually patient present with polydipsia, polyuria, polyphagia and weight loss. Paresthesia (prickle and burn) and blurred vision are also noted. Patient shall be asked about family history in type 2 and glucose with HbA1C taken starting age 45. Those also with BP above 135/80, HDL good cholesterol 35 and triglyceride 250 shall be closely monitored. 90% are usually overweight. Patient can do more yeast infection, bladder cancer and old people shall avoid walking barefoot. Brain atrophy is more common and lipid accumulation in liver in some presentations. Microvascular complications in eye and kidney can be seen (examine eyes yearly) and macrovascular CVA higher risk also. Patient with PCO, on glucocorticoid, having pheochromocytoma or pancreatic disease have 2dary diabetes. Pre-diabetic also need early intervention to prevent further health outcomes. Labs can be done every 3 months in uncontrolled patients and every 6 months in controlled cases. #OTVLebanon
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