يوم جديد – السياحة الداخلية والغابات

يوم جديد – السياحة الداخلية والغابات مع رئيس جمعية Vamos Todos مارك عون Vamos Todos is an ecotourism NGO that promotes and encourages the love of nature amongst its members, thus seeing life through a new perspective. We first presented our past events: we went to Karm el Mohr for a hike between Cedars, we hiked to watch the sunset in Laqlouq, and did another hike at the sunset in Lassa. We showed some beautiful pictures about the regions we mentioned during the interview. And we talked about our project in Tyre for the reduction of plastic pollution in the Coastal Environment of Tyre under Bahr Bala Plastic Project. We have been working on this project since 6 months, as we mentionned in the previous interviews. We did this past week an awareness training for the local people of Tyre, specifically the owners and employees of the kiosks at the public beach of Tyre. We fixed as well the recycle bins we worked on for this project, awareness panels for the reduction of plastic use and recycling process, both for the kiosks. We distributed some fabric bags in order to encourage the use of fabric bags instead of plastic bags that can kill the aquatic turtles of Tyre. This project for Tyre Coast under the Lebanese civil society combating for a plastic-free Mediterranean sea, that was awarded in a call for proposals launched by “Bahr Bala Plastic” project, funded by the European Union Commission and implemented by the Lebanese Environment Forum and Lebanon Eco Movement. For more information you can check our website:
Or call us on: 03- 91 71 90

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