يوم جديد – طريقة حل المشاكل بين الزوجين في فترة الحجر المنزلي

During the COVID pandemic, many families have spent more time together than they have in the past 5 years! For some it is an opportunity, for others it is a challenge.
In the past, couples have gone their own ways in the morning, just to come home after work, have dinner, and talk about the necessary things: kids, households, any major plans etc…
Now, with many people working from home, it is not easy anymore to escape.
I have seen many couples go through major fights, and the feelings to one another even sometimes turn to despise! And this in turn affects not only the couple, but the entire family.
What to do? How to take advantage of the lockdown? How to turn this challenge into an opportunity?
One of the easiest solutions is to focus on the positives in the partner, and understand him/her.
Today, I will talk about ways to be more positive with your partner, recognize their needs and wants, ask them the right questions, listen without judging, use empathy to see things from a different perspective, and a very simple technique of finding happiness. These technique are of course also applicable to children, in-laws, and everyone who you live with. #OTVLebanon
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