April 13 with Michel Helou & Ronnie Chatah

Ronnie Chatah is host of The Beirut Banyan podcast (@thebeirutbanyan), founder of the WalkBeirut tour and opinion columnist for a variety of outlets on Lebanese affairs. You can find him on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter [at]thebeirutbanyan For this episode Ronnie is joined by Michel Helou, Secretary General of National Bloc. Recorded on April 13, 2023. In this episode Ronnie and Michel discuss the April 13 civil war anniversary and memories of growing up in post-civil war Lebanon. The conversation covers limited but important capabilities in local politics, margins to maneuver around regional security and geopolitical concerns and the renewed role National Bloc is playing, the diaspora’s concerns expressed through elections, and an outlook regarding continued Baabda vacancy and delayed Municipal elections. #mtvlebanon #mtvpodcast #podcasts #michelelhelou Timestamps: 0:00 Introduction
4:51 Memories of Lebanon
9:46 Post-2005
14:48 Paramount problem
22:36 Capabilities in local politics
29:52 Diaspora & repetition
44:45 Parliamentary elections
47:51 Baabda & Municipal elections

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