Breathe with Beirut يوم جديد – نشاط

Breathe with Beirut يوم جديد – نشاط ريتا واكيم – اختصاصية رياضة أكل وعيش صحي
Breathe with Beirut (BwB) is an online charity event taking place live on Zoom from 14th to 20th of November 2020, where you can actively take part to improve your health and impact the wellbeing of the people in Beirut. The city that was struck by a major explosion on August 4, 2020.
Over the course of 7 days, you will have an opportunity to participate in multiple types of activities, from music therapy, art therapy, dance therapy, exercise, breathing, self- development, nutrition and more, delivered by 19 international experts, from 9 different countries, in the fields of Sports, Nutrition, Therapy, etc
BwB’s sessions will be held mainly in English. Only a few sessions will be held in Lebanese. Most of the sessions will be recorded and available online for participants from around the world.
Exceptions (NOT RECORDED): Music Therapy, Dance therapy, Art Therapy. Register/Donate: REGISTRATION FEE = DONATION OF YOUR CHOICE
Fill up Xmas Food Boxes and school supplies depending on the amount that you can afford. Your registration fee will go to two carefully chosen and trustworthy charities: Help.Heal.Lebanon and Zourouni – Elderly Support Circle. People in Lebanon will be granted FREE participation. We are all joining hands to support them.
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