Heaven in Hell with Bernard Khoury & Ronnie Chatah

Ronnie Chatah is host of The Beirut Banyan podcast (@TheBeirutBanyan) founder of the WalkBeirut tour and opinion columnist for a variety of outlets on Lebanese affairs. You can find him on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter @TheBeirutBanyan For this episode Ronnie is joined by Bernard Khoury, renowned Lebanese architect and founder of DW5. They discuss the journey of an architect navigating post-civil war Lebanon and dive deep into individual agency and creativity. Bernard and Ronnie also talk about Solidère in retrospect, in an era of little to no state agency. Their conversation wraps up with the future of architecture and the needed adjustments in an industry heavily impacted by an ongoing crippling economic collapse. Timestamps: 0:00 Introduction
1:00 Home
5:12 Sparkle
12:47 Present
17:08 Context
21:36 Public works
25:15 ‘Interdesign’
30:13 Solidère
42:34 Municipality & State
55:54 Politics aside
59:04 Post port-blast
1:08:13 ‘Laziza’
1:15:24 Stuck in Hell #mtvlebanon #mtvpodcast #bernardkhoury #برنارد_خوري

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