Mould-blown hexagonal glass lidded box

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Mould-blown hexagonal glass lidded box

Opaque white mould-blown hexagonal glass lidded box, decorated with floral and geometric designs. The rim is cut and ground.

There are eight panels on the side of the box divided by raised vertical lines. These lines have mouldings at top and bottom and perhaps imitate the thyrsos found in Dionysiac scenes. Four different designs are shown in the panels, each repeated once: a spoked circle with a triangle above; a palmette with a semicircle above; a lozenge enclosing a circle and dot, and a variant palmette with a semicircle above. On the bottom of the box concentric raised circles with a dot in the centre are surrounded by a frieze of overlapping leaves. The top of the lid has concentric circles surrounded by eight palmettes with other decoration around the edge.

Attributed to the workshop of Ennion (possibly).

Made in Sidon (modern Saida, Lebanon), Phoenicia
ca. 25-50 CE

British Museum (1893,1016.1)

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