Nothing Persists with Iman Tabbara & Ronnie Chatah

Ronnie Chatah is host of The Beirut Banyan podcast (@thebeirutbanyan), founder of the WalkBeirut tour and opinion columnist for a variety of outlets on Lebanese affairs. You can find him on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter [at]thebeirutbanyan For this episode Ronnie is joined by Iman Tabbara, lawyer by training, political activist and previous parliamentary elections candidate for Beirut 2 District. Iman is a friend of the National Bloc. In this episode Ronnie and Iman discuss possible advantages of not winning parliamentary elections, civil society commitment despite continued paralysis, a back and forth on when resignation offers political leverage, initiatives and incentives emerging from the private sector, constraints faced by technocrats, and a reflection on Soviet demoralization during the Cold War and how security regimes gradually suffocate societies. -Timestamps:- 0:00 Introduction
2:50 Post-elections
10:17 Resignation
21:48 Counterbalance
35:45 Private sector
38:48 Incentives
45:13 Technocrats
52:18 Soviet demoralization Like us:
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