Revolutionary Science: Boost Your Lifespan and Health!

Dr. Moghniyeh discusses Dr. David Sinclair's groundbreaking findings on NAD, exosomes, and other supplements for a longer, healthier life. Discover the secrets to living better and preventing diseases! 🌟🧬💪 If you want to learn about new trends and staying on top of the latest developments, MTV Podcast is the place to go. Throughout the week, our brilliant hosts will be discussing timely issues with fascinating guests to give you a wide range of perspectives on a wide range of topics حوارات على مدار الأسبوع، بأسلوبٍ مختلف يمزج بين الشخصي والعام. ضيوفٌ نستقبلهم في استديو هو أقرب الى غرفة في منزل، ونصغي الى وجهات نظرهم في مواضيع مختلفة، وندفعهم الى البوح بأسرارهم. =================
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