Rue Minet al Hosn, Beyrouth, 20051112

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Rue Minet al Hosn, Beyrouth, 20051112

I was watching the last couple of episodes of The Last Dance, the Jordan/ Bulls documentary, and the assasination of Malcolm Kerr (Steve Kerr’s father) was mentioned. Malcolm Kerr was a professor and president of AUB. He was born and raised in Beirut. He studied and teached around the globe (Egypt, UK, US) until he got offered the position of president of AUB in 1982. Two years later he was murded at the university. Motives unknown, the shooters were never caught.

In 2005 Rafic Hariri was bombed at the marina, about 1 km east of the university. This photo show the remains. Investigation took years but same result here: motives unknown, the bombers were never caught.

In 2005, my first time in Lebanon, I ran the marathon and stayed close to AUB in The Mayflower in Hamra. In the 2011 marathon this was part of the course and it was special running there. The corniche pretty much starts around that corner there. The Beirut corniche is the best of the best: running heaven! No fear, love is here!

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