يوم جديد – علاقة الضغط بكورونا

يوم جديد – علاقة الضغط بكورونا موضوع اللقاء مع د. حنينا ابي نادر طب عام ووقاية Hypertension and corona
Over 86 million American out of 328 M have hypertension 20 years. Tension between 120-139 over 80-89 is considered pre-HTN. Stage 2 HTN is considered 160/100. It is a primary modifiable risk factor for coronary heart disease. Hypertension often goes asymptomatic and is a silent killer (can lead to organ failure within 8-10yrs). In Lebanon 50% of the people above 60 yrs have hypertension, half of them not on any medications. Symptoms range from headache and fatigue to tension in the eyes and chest tightness (pulmonary edema in emergency?). Complications are stroke, Myocardial infarction, vascular and chronic kidney disease. Causes are usually idiopathic in 90% of the cases (genetic and environmental factors also), and the others are secondary to thyroid, renal (urinary tract obstruction), brain tumor or sleep apnea (neurogenic). The relation between Corona and HTN is still unclear but more death is noticed when elevated (observational not causation). HTN shall be monitored and well controlled during the infection. Exercise, weight loss and diet including Intake of potassium (90mmol per day) are important factors to regulate better (2.4g of Na is allowed equivalent 6g NaCl). #OTVLebanon
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